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Welcome to IPTeL, the Institute's gateway to filing for Intellectual Property (IP) protection and Technology Licensing (TeL). Our mission is to ensure that the value of the knowledge being generated at the Institute is leveraged, by responsible licensing, for the benefit of the Institute and thereby to society at large. We strive to enable rapid filing of IP, so that it does not unduly delay the submission of results to academic journals.

IP Services

  • End-to-End Tech Licensing and Monetization
  • Patent Drafting
  • Technology Journalism
  • Technology Marketing
  • Patentability Assessment
  • Patentable Step in the IP
  • IP Mining
  • Techno-Legal Support

Want to be an Entrepreneur

Come talk to us to find out ways and means of converting IP and technical know-how into a start-up.

If you are an industry interested in licensing, let us know how we can help you.

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