About IPTeL


Intellectual Property and Technology Licensing (IPTeL) is responsible for the management of Intellectual Property (IP) of the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore. While seeking to leverage the economic benefits of IP protections, we at IPTeL, are also mindful of IISc’s devotion to public welfare. To balance both these goals, IPTeL’s aim, in the long run, is to create a favorable win-win collaborative environment for the industry and the Institute. The Institute researchers are the pivotal in making this a success. We welcome the Institute faculty members, students and members of Industry, Indian and International, to contact us for any clarification regarding filing and licensing for IP.


The earliest records of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of the Institute date back to 1950 shortly after India obtained freedom. The Institute was granted a patent in 1951. Though there was a lot of good work being performed at the Institute, there was no office at the Institute for protecting and licensing IP. In 2004, the then Director of Institute, Prof. Goverdhan Mehta conceptualized an exclusive office to handle IP related matters. An Intellectual Property Cell (IPCell) was formed in November 2004 and in 2015 it was renamed as IPTeL.

Activities of IPTeL

  1. IPTeL’s primary objectives are to evaluate, protect and license IP that is generated at the Institute.
  2. IPTeL enables and engages both public and private organizations including but not limited to companies, Universities with the Institute to further create a symbiotic relationship that will increase collaboration between the Institute and other public and private organizations to create a favorable environment for technological advancements.
  3. IPTeL orients researchers, educators, students, policy makers, and other Institute personnel to be aware of generating and protecting IP, sharing IP related confidential information and commercializing the IP.
  4. IPTeL mines potential IP within the Institute for commercialization; as well as constantly evaluating and updating the Institute’s IP Policy in step with the changing times.
  5. IPTeL strives for the development and administration of ever-efficient IP processes and provides representation for the Institute in IP negotiations and transactions.