Snapshots of Key Technologies

Mapping Protein Binding Sites and Conformational Epitopes Using Cysteine Labelling and Surface Display Library
The invention relates to a rapid and reliable method for mapping of protein-protein and protein-ligand binding interfaces binding sites using cysteine labeling and surface display libraries. It provides a method of identifying binding site of a molecule of interest to a receptor protein.

Methods and System for Tracking Global Maximum Power Point(MPP) in a Solar Panel Array
The invention relates to tracking a global maximum power point in a solar panel array using module voltage information. It does not involve any complex optimization algorithms.

Novel Inhibitors of Antiapoptotic Blc-2 Protein
Researchers from IISc have invented a BCL-2 specific small molecule inhibitor, acting selectively in cancer cells with high BCL-2 expression.

Transparent Nanostructured Substrate for Use in Light Harvesting Devices
Scientists from IISc have fabricated transparent nanostructure substrate for light trapping and spatial managem ent of light absorption in light harvesting devices . This invention provides a cost effective light harvesting device which does not require utilization of any expensive metals such as silver and gold.

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