Snapshots of Key Technologies

Clinical Sample Storage Cassettes
The clinical sample storage cassettes provide stabilization, storage, and transportation of clinical samples for safe storage and downstream DNA analysis. It can also be used for stabilization and storage of sputum, urine, blood, saliva and the like for an extended period of time by preventing putrefaction of the sample. Further, drying of potentially infectious sample in air and punching of paper to obtain discs is eliminated. Thereby, it reduces chances of spread of infections and contamination.

A Gate Driver with Bipolar Bootstrap Capability
The invention relates to a gate driver with bipolar bootstrap capability. It presents a novel circuit with few passive components to drive up the top switch without using additional active elements or power supply.

Automated Fundus Image Processing Techniques for Glaucoma Prescreening
Researchers from Indian Institute of Science Bangalore have developed a reliable and fully automated method for glaucoma prescreening using fundus images.

Solar Cell
The invention relates to solar cells having an electrode layer disposed over a barrier layer. It particularly describes a metal nitride layer that can be deposited on metallic substrates. The metal nitride layer is conductive and can be used as one of the electrodes of an electronic device. This offers cost-effective solar cell with high temperature stability and reduced metal contamination from substrate.

Actuator Material and Method Thereof
The subject matter of invention is piezoelectric ceramic compositions with large electrostrain for application in the field of actuators and transducers.

Method of Manufacturing Composite Solid Propellant Grains
The invention relates to solid propellants for rocket propulsion and gas generating systems. It provides a method for direct manufacturing of complex composite propellant from digital data.

Device for tuning laser output
Researchers from IISc have fabricated widely tunable, scalable and high power fiber laser with user selectable output wavelength.

Electrochemical Measurement of Creatinine in Serum
The invention relates to a method and device for electrochemical quantification of serum creatinine. This can be used for inferring renal efficiency and diagnosis of renal disorders.

A Compliant Hinge Mechanism
Researchers from IISc have invented a compliant hinge mechanism with customizable non-linear torque-angle characteristic. This innovation broadly relates to applications in human mobility-assisting devices, rehabilitative devices, dynamic and static balancing of machines, and robotic systems, all of which requires rotary joints with tunable torque output.

A Kit for Specific Detection for SLNPV
Scientists from IISc have made a cost-effective strategy for pest management using calorimetric detection of Spodoptera litura Nucleopolyhedrovirus (SLNPV)in paper discs.

A Method and a System for Detection of Hazardous Chemicals in Non-Metallic Containers
The invention provides a system and method for detection of hazardous chemicals in non-metallic container.

A Method for Rapid Detection of a Single Bacterium
The invention relates to diagnostic method for rapid detection of a specific bacterial species using biochemical signature from Raman spectra. The time taken for detection of a specific bacterial species varies from 1 minute to 1 hour.

A Micro-Scale Actuator
The invention relates to a micro-scale electromagnetic actuator with linear vibration resistant resonator for high current applications.

A Portable System for Refrigeration
A real time temperature controlled portable system is fabricated for storing and transporting sensitive materials. This invention uses dry ice as refrigerant and tackles the power of significant power requirements. It can be used for transporting pharmaceutical products which are temperature sensitive and fragile as it has temperature sensors to track real-time temperature.

A Reconfigurable Power Conversion System And a Method For Enhanced Utilization of Renewable Energy
The subject matter relates to power conversion system and method for enhanced and efficient utilization of power from a renewable power generation unit.

Device and Method for Detecting Creatinine and Albumin to Creatinine Ratio
Researchers from Indian Institute of Science have come up with a point-of-care electrochemical biosensor for an accurate detection and quantitative measurement of analytes, such as urine creatinine and albumin to creatinine ratio (ACR) in human biological samples. This measurement is important for the diagnosis of renal function, chronic kidney disease (along with microalbuminuria), thyroid and muscle dysfunctions.

Device and Method for Detection of Haemoglobin and Its Complexes
Scientists from IISc Bangalore have fabricated a point-of-care biosensor for electrochemical detection of haemoglobin and its complexes. This method provides a quantitative measurement of haemoglobin (Hb), glycated haemoglobin (GHb), methaemoglobin (MetHb) and myoglobin.

Encryption & Decryption of Messages
The invention relates to cryptography for encryption and decryption of messages. It comprises a cryptographic key generating method, a public key cryptographic system and an entity authentication mechanism. It provides a secure communication of messages transmitted over a computing network in mobile communications, wireless communications and the like, using cryptographic methods.

Laser Based System for Studying Adsorption Kinetics of Adsorbent and Adsorbate Pair
The invention relates to a system employing laser for studying adsorption kinetics of an adsorbent and adsorbate pair.

Low-Rate Super-Resolution Ultrasound Imaging System
Scientists from IISc have developed a super-resolution ultrasound reconstruction methodology that reduces sampling rate without compromising on the quality of reconstructed image.

Mapping Protein Binding Sites and Conformational Epitopes Using Cysteine Labelling and Surface Display Library
The invention relates to a rapid and reliable method for mapping of protein-protein and protein-ligand binding interfaces binding sites using cysteine labeling and surface display libraries. It provides a method of identifying binding site of a molecule of interest to a receptor protein.

Methods and System for Tracking Global Maximum Power Point(MPP) in a Solar Panel Array
The invention relates to tracking a global maximum power point in a solar panel array using module voltage information. It does not involve any complex optimization algorithms.

Novel Inhibitors of Antiapoptotic Blc-2 Protein
Researchers from IISc have invented a BCL-2 specific small molecule inhibitor, acting selectively in cancer cells with high BCL-2 expression.

Transparent Nanostructured Substrate for Use in Light Harvesting Devices
Scientists from IISc have fabricated transparent nanostructure substrate for light trapping and spatial managem ent of light absorption in light harvesting devices . This invention provides a cost effective light harvesting device which does not require utilization of any expensive metals such as silver and gold.

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