Snapshots of Key Technologies

Superconducting Nanocrystal Structure
Scientists from IISc Bangalore have invented a device with superconducting nanocrystal structure which is capable of exhibiting superconductivity at high temperature and under ambient pressure conditions.

Online I-V Tracer for Per String Monitoring and Maintenance of Photovoltaic (PV) Panels
The invention proposes a novel low cost solar plant monitoring system for detecting and identifying faults in large solar photovoltaic (PV) installations.

Quantification of Concentration of a Component in a Sample Fluid
The invention relates to microfluidic devices for high dynamic range quantification of nucleic acids, proteins, single cells and molecules. The imperative applications of this invention include drug response monitoring for therapeutics, studying reaction kinetics, viral load quantification for prognosis, quantifying effect of enzyme concentration on reactions etc.

A Device, System and Method for Obstacle Identification and Removal
The invention relates to a portable sewer maintenance system which includes an IoT based sewer inspection probe with a self-powered clog detection and clearing robot. It is a wireless technology with robot having self-cleaning feature.

In-Vitro Process for Screening Candidate Molecules, and Implementations Thereof
The invention discloses a new therapeutic drug target which can be used to combat the causative agent of tuberculosis, leprosy and other non-tuberculous mycobacterial diseases. It is effective against the drug resistant strains of the pathogen and has limited side effects on human body.

System and Method for Obtaining Random-like Projection-Based Feasible Trajectory for MRI Scanning
The invention is a method and system for obtaining projection based feasible trajectory for fast MRI Scanning.

A Data Acquisition System and a Method of Acquiring Data for Reconstruction of MRI Images
The invention is a method and system for obtaining projection based feasible trajectory for fast MRI Scanning.

Device for Neonatal Monitoring
Wearable temperature sensing device is designed for remote and real-time monitoring of infants for the first few weeks after their birth. It can accurately sense the onset of hypothermia.

Semiconductor Nanocrystals
The invention relates to quantum dots fabricated from semiconductors for light harvesting applications. A solar energy conversion efficiency of 4.8% is observed, which is significantly higher than biomass accumulation in photosynthesis.

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